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Becoming a Lean operation from the familiar traditional operation is not a simple journey. In fact, it can be overwhelming not just to the staff, but to team leaders, management, presidents and even C-Suite individuals.

The key to effective Lean Implementation is working with a reputable Lean Consulting company, such as Applied Performance, to be your company’s objective guide to efficiency, productivity and profitability.

Applied Performance Lean Consultants

Benefits of a Lean Consultant

1. Additional manpower

Our job is to bring skills, resources and change to a company. These may be attributes the company does not yet possess or has current shortage of and needs help to get through a challenging project.

2. Reduced learning curve

The secret of a good consultant is they have made mistakes and learnt hard lessons. Our role in turn is to make sure you do not make those same (or other) mistakes, easing your implementation period.

3. Provide honest opinion

Being outsiders we can tackle difficult issues and objectively challenge the ‘elephants in the room’. Working with individuals and teams, you will find a way to steer through difficult decisions and make changes much easier, without any politics attached.

4. External view

An external set of eyes will see things differently. Having help to step back and see issues and opportunities with fresh eyes will be an invaluable resource.

5. Make change happen

We’ve been hired for one reason: to make change happen. A good consultant operates as a backstop; not letting current projects slide, keeping teams accountable, delivering the necessary follow-up and celebrating successes as they happen.

Before saying “YES” to hiring a Lean Consultant, you must first consider:

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