The Operations Delivery Model Implementation

Starting Point

The implementation timeline for each organization and even for different divisions within an organization will be different. There are many factors which will influence the timeline:

The most important one being the last

Recommendations for for success

Successful implementations all have the following characteristics in common:

Expected Timeline

Stuff Happens

We recognize that organizations can’t stop everything and just work on the ODM, the day to day business must continue and there will be times when everyone has to be hands on. Good practice is to recognize this before we start and say these times don’t work for us and we are going to pause for say July and August and we restart 2nd Monday in September. We also know that not all parts of the ODM are going to be equally easy or difficult for companies to implement. For many a challenge is getting good quality practices or reorganizing the workplace. We expect that companies will move through key areas at different speeds. We also work with the company so that they can recognize when they may need additional resources to stop the implementation from stalling.

People and Change

We have to recognize that one of the most difficult parts of implementing an ODM is the soft people part of the process. This is a large part of why we start with Communications and Daily work to develop and reinforce the behaviours we want. Implementing an ODM will if done well reduce the work stress and improve peoples control of their day. There will however be individuals that will resist the change, and this is a normal part of the process and will be managed as it happens.

A company that is committed to the implementation process and has the right resources available will be able to implement the core operational area comfortably in a 12 month time time. The process is challenging yet we know from experience very doable and rewarding.

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