Change Agent Skills

Lean Change Agent Skills

A People and Process Holistic View on Your Lean Journey

Often, when companies are looking to become Lean, they only heavily focus on changing the technical way of doing things. However, change is really about both the people and the process. Experience has taught Applied Performance that the ‘people’ issues skills are as important as the technical CI (Continuous Improvement) skills. The CI specialists who excel are those who have the right combination of both people and technical skills. Through Applied Performance, our consultants have developed techniques to combine changing the ‘people’ issues skills in combination with the technical CI skills for sustainable change!

Our Change Agent Skills program focuses on rapidly increasing the CI employees people skills through personal development using a combination of structured tuition and coaching.

Developing these skills based on the Cranfield University program built to develop CI specialists into high performing change agents at all levels of business, your team will receive a combination of in-room training, open learning and peer-to-peer coaching. Over the following months, participants will learn a variety of techniques, primarily focused on:

1. General Tools

2. Coaching Tools

3. Transactional Analysis (TA) Tools

TA is the study of communication, used in a variety of organizations because it is practical and provides language skills to work at a deeper level. Essential items include:

Participants learn how to effectively implement change through others by gaining an understanding into their own self-awareness and their personal communication and problem solving skills.

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