Job Shops

Job shops

Increasing Productivity and Decreasing Waste in Job Shops

Job Shops can improve from Lean implementation and meet the demands of its industry, namely on price, delivery and quality!

While many job shops differ from companies in the Manufacturing industry, they still have the same challenges of how to reduce and eliminate waste, best known as the 7 Wastes.

The Seven Wastes of Job Shops

By looking at these 7 Wastes, job shops are able to improve work flow and work place organization. Through Lean’s resource called 5S, this is the first step to eliminating these wastes, increasing productivity and then profitability.

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Financial Support

Think that your company cannot afford to streamline you processes? Think again! Small and Medium size enterprises may find they are able to apply for funding from the NRC IRAP program. This funding can help with productivity improvement programs, including both Lean and automation.

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To easily find out who to contact at NRC or how to approach the process, please contact us at 403-470-1659.