Operations Delivery Model

The Operations Delivery Model (ODM) builds into a integrated model to cover all aspects of running a companies operations. Building the ODM starts with Core OperationsIntegrated Operations is then added before Aligning Operations to Company Strategy.

ODM Enablers

Core Operations

There are 5 key core operations areas that organizations need to be working together for operations to be both effective and efficient. The 5 key areas are:

Communications and Daily Work – Very simply do we communicate the right information across the organization at the right time. Part of that communications is how does performance get fed back so we continue to do the right things and stop the wrong things happening. This is the daily cadence of managing operations.

Workplace Organization – The adage the right tools, material & information in the right place, safe and ready to be used. Be it physical or data organization it provides a stable foundation for operations to happen effectively.

Work planning – different organizations need different tools to plan their work. The aim is the same to improve workflow, effectively plan and execute work.

Quality Management – using the right tools to ensure work is done correctly the first time and the right checks are in place.

Process Improvement – Finding the best way to do work that meets client needs, improves quality, reduces cost and improves productivity.

Integrated Operations

Operations does not work in isolation, it is part of a value chain that goes from sales through to the customer. Operations also needs to integrate with internal groups most importantly Human Resources.

Project management, sales and supply chain –the companies where business areas work together has a significant advantage in identifying opportunities to avoid costs and quicker meet customer needs.

Human Resources – as the operating model changes the roles and expectations you have of your staff also change, aligning these changes is key to reinforcing the daily use of the ODM.

Operations and strategy Align

Executing strategy is hard, when operations does not align it near impossible.

Linking strategy and operations – is the process of not just breaking strategy to the tactical level and then the execution level but also. And not just the difficult part of execution but ensuring knowledge is fed back into the organization.

Data, Automation and IOT – Data is opportunity for companies to make better decisions than their competitors.

ODM Results


The better a company’s operating system works, is integrated with other business areas the better the company is at delivering value from its people, equipment and processes. This company will be able to meet its customer needs quicker and with less stress.

The company that then aligns operations and strategy is able to proactively choose the opportunities it wants to exploit.

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