Lean Training

Helping Companies Learn the Essentials of Implementing Lean

For successful implementation of Lean, Applied Performance offers training for an easier transition from your current state to a productive Lean state. We do this to equip your staff with the knowledge required to successfully apply Lean concepts and tools.

You and your staff will have access to our Lean training programs that provide understanding and practical knowledge for effective implementation of Lean theory and tools to increase your productivity. Each course will be customized to your specific need areas, and will be a combination of theory, hands-on simulation, and discussion.

Training Key Concepts

1. Theory

2. Simulations

3. Discussions

Typical Training Course Outline

1. White Belt

2. Yellow Belt

3. Green Belt

4. Black Belt

Note: We are able to offer training in Collaborative Supply Chain Development. To learn more, please contact 403-470-1659 or email for details.

Solutions and Case Studies

Learning and unlearning in Lean Thinking