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Enhancing a Powerhouse Industry through Lean Thinking

The Oil and Gas Industry is ever changing. Now recognising the competitive advantage that Lean thinking can bring to the entire industry as a whole, sub-sections within Oil and Gas are utilizing specific areas of Lean, each benefiting from the theories and tools that Lean provides.

Fabrication Industry

At the forefront of the adoption of Lean thinking within the Oil & Gas field, the Fabrication sub-industry has many key players promoting long-standing Lean programs. Companies such as:

Oil and Gas Producers

Major players such as Suncor, Shell and others have, over the last 5 years, invested heavily in adapting Lean thinking to their practices.

Specific tools and theories they’ve implemented include:

Service Industries

From haulers to drilling rigs, the service companies within the Oil & Gas industry have seen immense productivity efficiency changes because of Lean. Many key organizations in this field proactively resolved issues relating to:

Through Lean, these companies have clearly defined the value they deliver their customer and the ‘wastes’ and variations they have in their business process. By understanding how to address these issues, they have systematically eliminated inefficiencies, increased business volumes, as well as profits.

Engineering Services

Engineering services – such as those supporting aerospace, defence, and automotive fields – may be one of the Oil & Gas sub-sections that has seen the most transformation through Lean implementation. Why?


Productivity Opportunities

Clearly, Lean works across all fields within the Oil and Gas Industry. While Applied Performance takes a different approach than that of used for the Manufacturing Industry, the results are similar:

If your Oil and Gas company is experiencing areas where an increase in production – both in people and process – are required, contact Applied Performance at 403-470-1659 or info@appliedperformance.ca for an initial consultation.

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