Manufacturing: The Industry of Forward Lean Thinking

Since Lean is often referred to as Lean Manufacturing, it is safe to say that the manufacturing industry has benefited from Lean tools and theories. Lean Manufacturing has repeatedly proven that applying the Lean concepts of continual work flow improvement and waste reduction significantly improves productivity.

The 6 Steps to Your Lean Manufacturing Journey

While these steps are different for every company, we utilize them to do two things for your specific needs:

Lean Manufacturing in Alberta

Most people when they think of Lean they automatically think of Toyota. There are however many more companies that have adopted Lean, one of which is the Alberta company Kudu Pumps. Kudu started on its lean journey in 1990s, when the company was adapting to the challenges of $10/gallon oil. Well – it didn’t just survive these challenges; it thrived as Lean Manufacturing helped it grow into a $300M company.

Kudu Industries Venture Magazine

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