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Helping companies maximize productivity and profits through Operations Delivery Model and Lean Manufacturing

At Applied Performance our job as Operations and Lean consultants is very simple: we work with Alberta companies to make productivity happen.

Operations Delivery Model Training Program:

The Operations Delivery Model Training Program takes companies through a series of steps to implement an effective operations management system. The model builds from communications (information) through workplace organization and planning to quality and process improvement. It delivers an integrated core model that covers work from the start of the day to the end of the day, so work is executed as planned and ‘surprises’ are dealt with proactively and not as constant firefighting.
This unique program builds first the core operations model before then integrating operations into wider business functions and business strategy.
If your business is facing continued operational stress, then your next step is to have a conversation about what the Operations Delivery Model would mean for your company.

Lean Consulting:

Lean is a fantastic set of thinking and tools to improve quality, delivery and productivity. Lean is not just about Lean manufacturing, tools such as Value stream mapping, 5S and Mistake proofing can be used by any business to untangle processes, improve the workflow and implement successful, lasting change

The Applied Performance Difference

Successful change is not just about mapping processes and implementing tools. It’s as much about people as it is about processes. Using an approach that combines change management with the ODM and Lean tools, we are able to make change happen faster and stick quicker. We don’t wait for resistance to change to happen, change management is dealt with up front so that both of our jobs are easier.

Is the ODM Training Program or Lean Right for You?

Ask yourself:

Applied Performance’s Lean training, coaching and change management expertise has already helped deliver millions to the bottom line of companies in all industries. Learn how by calling us today at 403-470-1649