ERP Implementation

ERP Implementation

Your Straightforward Guide to ERP Implementation

Lean Consulting and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) tend to be so closely related as they both look at process and increasing productivity. Companies that utilize a Lean specialist for ERP implementation benefit by gaining an entire holistic analysis of how ERP changes will affect the company.

Applied Performance takes the traditional ERP implementation process and flips it around. Rather than focusing on how to integrate your company into using a specific tool, we focus on a how ERP will integrate into your company.

The truth is most ERP implementations do not deliver the savings they are supposed to and often cost more than they were meant. Often, they end up as data capture tools principally used by finance, instead of the being the management support tools they are meant to be.

In fact, as shown by Panorama Consulting, in 2013 of those companies doing an ERP implementation:

Do Not Be Another ERP Implementation Statistic

Our role is to ensure you do not end up as one of these stats. Our approach is different and focuses on the value your company delivers to its customers and how can you maximise the opportunities to deliver customer value.

Our ERP approach focuses on your company and your customer’s needs and typically goes through the following:

1. Research and Answers

2. Decision and Motion

3. Plan implementation alongside your provider

At Applied Performance, we have relationships with local Calgary and Edmonton IT and ERP providers to assist you with the best selection and implementation process. If these providers do not have what you need, we will help source the solution that will fit your company’s needs…and not the retailer’s!

We are here to make all your implementations into a Lean organization as easy as possible. Contact us at 403-470-1659 or email to learn how!