Lean Coaching

Guiding You on a Successful Lean Journey

Make sure your Lean Journey succeeds by using our Lean Coaches as resources for you and your people. Through our Lean Coaching service, your management and supervisory teams will work with a Lean Coach to ensure that all the Lean skills are acquired to make sure your changes 1) happen, and 2) are maintainable.

COLLABORATION: Your Lean Coach will work with your teams (and individuals), guiding them to find a solution to problems instead of just saying “I know best and this is how you should do it”.

Your coaching process involved 4 steps:

1. Problem Identification: “Learning to See”

Not all inefficiencies happening are identified by those involved with it on a daily basis. Often that inefficiency is simply accepted as just part of business, not something that can be changed. This step helps to identify if there is an inefficiency being overlooked and asks the question, “why?”

2. Next Steps

The coach will help challenge the team when they are too, or not ambitious enough, helping them learn from their own experience and others. This will take into account both operational issues, as well as also any required people changes.

The coach then guides the team through the changes, providing a back stop of support, objective feedback, and follow-up.

3. Review

A review of inefficiencies and their solutions, understanding what worked well and what did not. The key here will be to not dwell on mistakes, but to learn from them to keep moving your organization forward towards your Lean Journey goals.

4. Repeat

The fourth step is to quickly repeat what has worked and find better ways to do what still needs to be achieved.

A classic Plan/Do/Check/Act cycle underpinning virtually every learning and Lean organization, your Lean Coach allows you an OBJECTIVE eye and feedback, ensuring that all your Lean solutions are guided by your ultimate Lean goals.

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