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Lean Manufacturing and Operations in Calgary



Lean Manufacturing and Operations in Calgary

In an increasingly competitive and fast–paced market, company executives are required to make informed strategic business decisions, to maintain their competitive edge. The challenge today is to organize information for supporting timely analysis of changing market conditions and the ability to make data-driven decisions.

Here at Applied Performance, we have been providing streamlined solutions and maximizing the productivity and profitability of our clients, ever since 2008. We have been successful in delivering our mission consistently to our clients, by implementing Lean tools and people engineering.

What is Lean?

Lean, commonly known as Lean Manufacturing is a combination of the various management methods and process improvement tools, used by the companies for minimizing waste, downtime and unproductive processes while maximizing output.

Implementing Lean will help your company to deliver superior productivity and increased profits in an effective manner.

At Applied Performance, we are the specialists at introducing lean to our clients and providing lean training and lean implementation consulting. Whether you are looking for a lean consultant in Calgary or a lean consultant in Edmonton, we can assist.

Lean Consulting at Applied Performance

Lean consulting at Applied Performance is not just about maximizing value and using the lean tools. You can have all the lean tools in place, but in the absence of staff support for change, your company will not have an effective and long lasting Lean experience.

This is why, at Applied Performance, we take pride in offering you the time to acknowledge and understand how you can involve your people directly with implementing Lean changes. We effectively synchronize our change management solutions with the Lean tools, to ensure all members of an organization are comfortable with their Lean journey.

Lean Manufacturing

Our promise is to deliver 10 times payback to our clients in 12 months. We make this possible by increasing their profitability with on-time delivery, improved productivity and consistent quality – all by making use of the lean tools and changing management applications.

The Applied Performance Difference

Implementing a successful lean change is not only about mapping processes and implementing change. It’s as much about people as it is about processes. This is why, at Applied Performance, we make use of a combined approach to change management in conjunction with the Lean tools, to make change happen successfully – right from the start.

We work to develop different ways to communicate and to inform you about what is happening and ways on how you can reduce the threat of change as perceived by people, such that our jobs become easier.

We Are the Experienced Lean Consultants

With Applied Performance, you are hiring experienced Lean specialists, who excel at managing a plant, understanding the many challenges of team alignment and how lack of resources can affect a company. We have even experienced the pressure to make quick gains.

Combining our extensive experience with practical Lean and change management practices, we can be your guide to help you successfully implement your very own Lean plan.

No matter what your industry is – if for any reason, you’re not satisfied with our Lean solutions, we will refund your investment!

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